As we all know Yogurt/curd is a healthy by-product of milk. It acts as a great probiotic food, it contains live microorganisms which is beneficial for gut health.

Curd contains protein,vitamin B2,vitamin B12,

vitamin A,Potassium,Magnesium,calcium, phosphorus.

As it contains phosphorus and calcium, it strengthens our bones and teeth, good for arthritis, and osteoporosis patients.

Yogurt or curd has a creamy texture so after adding curd to curry and gravies it gives a thick consistency. sour curd is used in the marination of meat which helps to tender meat.

It also contains beneficial bacteria that cure upset stomachs,

curd also helps women to fight against yeast infections and restore yeast balance in the vaginal area and improves vaginal health.

Curd/yogurt has antifungal and antibacterial properties so it reduces bacterial infection of the skin, and removes stubborn dandruff.

Curd is rich in antioxidant that helps to glow skin and prevent early sign of aging.

Calcium present in curd prevents the accumulation of cortisol hormone which leads to obesity and high blood pressure and helps to lose weight and maintain blood pressure.


Curd is used in breakfast as mango curd smoothie, lassi, flaxseed with curd, honey, and chocolate sauce.

Mango curd smoothie

Mango curd smoothie takes just 10 minutes to prepare

Ingredients needed are-

1. mango half

2. Sour curd half cup

3. honey {1 tablespoon }

4. chia seed [1 tablespoon }


Put curd, mango, and honey in a blender and blend it until it turns into a smooth texture. after blending is completed add chia seed and mix it well. you can store it in a refrigerator for a thick creamy ice-cream-like texture.

It is a very healthy breakfast for all and also a healthy breakfast for office goers.


Preparation takes 2-5minutes


Curd (1 cup)

Almond badam paste[5 to 6 pieces)

Sugar ( as per taste]

Black salt ( as per taste ]

Black pepper powder [1 teaspoon]

Water [ as required]


mix curd, almond paste, water with salt, sugar, and black pepper powder,

It is used to bit the heat in summer sessions and to hydrate the body.

Flaxseed with curd honey and chocolate sauce

Preparation time 15 minutes


1. Sour curd [I cup].

2. Flaxseed [1table spoon ]

3. Honey [t teaspoon ]

4. Chocolate sauce [1table spoon ] 1


Add curd, flaxseed, honey, and chocolate sauce, and give it a good stir.

It is a healthy breakfast for people who are trying to lose weight by giving the stomach a feeling of fullness for a long period.

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